Our history

Everyone is short of time for themselves.

This is one of the reasons why “BODY CONCEPT TRAINING” was created.

Time for yourself…

Taking care of your body and health takes time and time is increasingly precious. These days, everything has to be done as quickly as possible, which generates stress !
One of the things that sets us apart is that the fitness workout comes to you. You no longer have to go to the fitness workout.

2005, Body Concept Training is born

In the beginning, on his own as a Personal Trainer, the inventor  – Bruno Bériot – very quickly hit on the idea of developing a Personal Trainer network.

Indeed, given the growing demand for coaching from every quarter, there were 2 options :

  1. Reject excessively numerous enquiries and those from too far afield
  2. Set up a network of professionals

Having chosen option 2, the “project” phase rapidly progressed to the “concrete” phase !
Growth was required in order to be able to respond positively to this burgeoning demand !

The first person to get involved in developing the Personal Trainers’  network was his wife Carine Deby.
Since then, the number of Personal trainers (all of them trained and certified) joining the extended concept in Belgium and Luxembourg has grown steadily.


Today, Body Concept Training continues to develop, while of course retaining its flagship service Personal Training.
To meet your needs, we offer

  •  Personal Training
  • The Boot camp
  • Workout cruises
  • Team building
  • Life Style Coaching

With Body Concept Training’s growing reputation, studios bearing its name sprang up throughout the French and German speaking provinces and in Luxembourg.
Collaborative ventures also emerged in a number of hotels, fitness studios or even spas.
Nowadays, Body Concept Training enjoys universal recognition and appeal, including a number of big names and show business celebrities.


They trust us

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