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fonctionnelPulling, pushing, standing up, lowering oneself are part and parcel of everyday movement. The more closely training is aligned with everyday tasks, the greater the benefit ! Functional training exercises the human body’s three muscle groups : postural, stabiliser and primary

In terms of motivation, Personal Training and functional training are unrivalled! This type of training consigns the routine and monotony of machines to oblivion. Part of the reason why our muscles exist is to initiate each movement.

Functional training,
is the way in which to challenge the muscles’ primary function.

See the difference : a machine only trains your primary muscles whereas functional training exercises the stabiliser, postural and primary muscles.

In terms of the development of lean body mass, the result achieved by functional training and on a machine is identical. By contrast, given the involvement of a greater number of muscle groups, the expenditure of energy is greater, thus causing adipose tissue (fat) to be eliminated more quickly. Proprioception activity (spatial management of one’s body and of one’s limbs relative to one’s body) stimulates the central nervous system so as to exercise the deep muscles.

You will therefore quickly notice a strengthening of the transverse and para vertebral muscles in particular.

This method proves effective in a number of respects, firstly and not least importantly the use of the body in an optimal manner in one’s everyday activities.

Indeed, joint trauma is markedly less prevalent among individuals pursuing this sort of training thanks to stronger and dynamic muscles.Articular compensation is significantly lower.

Learning how to manage your effort, energy and concentration also has a positive knock-on effect in your everyday work and leisure.

In a nutshell, enhancing your everyday quality of life.


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